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Do you want to start with frisbígolf and don’t have any discs? Choose one of the sets with three discs (driver for longer distances, midrange for approaches and putter for short throws to the basket) or set with four midranges for whole family or group of friends (each player uses one midrange disc for all types of shots).
If you want to improve your putting game check sets of five putters.

5 - Limited/Signature diskar

Star Wars sett – Light Side, Dark Side

11.000 kr.
8.900 kr.
7.500 kr.

Frisbígolf sett

Startsett premium + taska

11.200 kr.

Frisbígolf sett

Startsett premium

8.200 kr.

1 - Pútterar

DX Aviar – 5 fyrir 4

8.000 kr.

Frisbígolf sett

Startsett Ásgarður

5.000 kr.